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With your hosts Bishop Mark Grenon and Bishop Joseph Grenon
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The G2Voice Broadcast is that of the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. The broadcast is hosted by Bishop Mark Grenon and Bishop Joseph Grenon.

The Genesis II Church was founded by Jim Humble; the discoverer of MMS (Master Mineral Solution) as an effective solution against Malaria, along with co-founder Bishop Mark Grenon. The church was founded to serve mankind. We are putting out the voice of truth, opening the eyes of those that are blinded - blinded with false media and lies. We want the whole world to hear how they have the right to use what they deem necessary for their Health. The Genesis II Sacraments are used to purify the blood of the temple (body) we live in.

We are in Dis-Ease with the way we are told we have to live. GMO, vaccines and mandatory health care. What if we don't want mandatory health care? We should be using Self-Care as it is our body that we have to keep healthy. God the Creator has given us everything we need to live healthy on this planet, and so for that we are grateful


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Imagine, a world without Disease, by Mark Grenon


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The G2Voice Proclaimer of Truth!

I see many add “dis-claimers” on their sites when talking about health.
I feel we need to do the same at the G2Voice Broadcast, but not a “dis-claimer”; a “pro-claimer” of Truth!  

G2Voice Proclaimer:
Due to our study of “truth” and “true history”, we at the G2Voice want to “proclaim” what we have learned in regard to; health,government and the medical and pharmaceutical “industries”.

1. DO NOT ask you doctor for ANY advice about health or nutrition! The #1 cause of death in U.S? “Iatrogenics”; Death by doctors.
2. DO NOT go to a hospital unless an emergency!

3. DO NOT allow your children to be vaccinated for any reason, EVER!
4. DO NOT trust the educational system to teach truth about history, science, morals and God!
5. Take personal responsibility for your OWN health and that of your family!

Let’s change the world together!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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