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Bishop Joseph Grenon and Bishop Mark Grenon in G2Voice Broadcast studio
Bishop Joseph and Bishop Mark in studio 2019. The video broadcasts are uploaded to our Brighteon channel.

The G2Voice Broadcast is hosted by Bishop Mark Grenon and Bishop Joseph Grenon of the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. The Genesis 2 Church was founded by Jim Humble (discoverer of MMS as an effective solution against Malaria) and Mark Grenon (author of Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE). The church was founded to serve mankind. The G2Voice is putting out the voice of truth, opening the eyes of those that are blinded - blinded with false media and lies. We want the whole world to hear how they have the right to use what they deem necessary for their health. The Genesis II Sacraments are used to purify the blood of the temple (body) we live in. We are in Dis-Ease with the way we are told to live; GMO, vaccines and mandatory health care. What if we don't want mandatory health care? We should be using Self-Care, as it is our body that we have to keep healthy. God the Creator has given us everything we need to live healthy on this planet and for that we are grateful.

Thank you for listening. If you're new you can get started with our broadcasts page which has video embedded, video link and audio file address in each article. Note: To make sure you get our most recent video broadcasts, visit our Brighteon channel.

The first broadcast we did is available here. Enjoy your stay and Good health!

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