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If you're not already familiar with Bitcoin then this is the perfect chance to finally learn about it.

What is Bitcoin?
Learn from this two minute video introduction.
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Bitcoin can easily be purchased with a debit or credit card. The procedure is simple:

Easy way to purchase and donate Bitcoin with a debit or credit card:

1. Register for a free Bitcoin wallet at
2. Buy Bitcoin at once you've logged in.
3. Select the amount in USD that you want to buy in Bitcoin (BTC) and finish the purchase.
4. Congratulations. You now have Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet!
5. Send the amount of Bitcoin you wish to donate to our Bitcoin address: 1m23H2HHTaERjHjFn26923hsF7AxkXRKB
Click the Send button.

Already registered at, purchased Bitcoin and ready to donate? Use one one of these donation links below by clicking the USD amount that you wish to send us in Bitcoin:
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There are plenty other ways to buy Bitcoin:

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