Our Bitcoin address is:

Easy way to purchase Bitcoin with a debit/credit card:

1. Register and verify at www.coinbase.com (popular and trusted Bitcoin exchange)
2. Coinbase: Add debit or credit card, then buy Bitcoin. Transaction takes only a few minutes.
3. Coinbase: Send the Bitcoin you wish to give us to this address: 1m23H2HHTaERjHjFn26923hsF7AxkXRKB

Note: You do not have to buy a full Bitcoin. You can buy half a Bitcoin (0.5 BTC) or 0.1 or even just 0.01 BTC.

What is Bitcoin you say?
Learn from this two minute video introduction.
video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um63OQz

Thank you for understanding. 
Thank you for spreading the word.
Thank you for supporting the Genesis II Chuch and this ministry; the G2Voice Broadcast.




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