To send Bitcoin

Our Bitcoin address is:


New to Bitcoin?
Easy way to purchase Bitcoin with a debit card and send it:

1. Register and verify at (popular and trusted Bitcoin exchange)
2. Coinbase: Add debit or credit card, then buy Bitcoin. Transaction takes only a few minutes.
3. Coinbase: Go to Accounts, then Send the Bitcoin you wish to give us - to this Bitcoin address: 1m23H2HHTaERjHjFn26923hsF7AxkXRKB

Note: You do not have to buy a full Bitcoin.
You can buy half a Bitcoin (0.5 BTC) or 0.01 or even just 0.001 BTC.
You can buy $5 USD worth of Bitcoin if you want.

What is Bitcoin you say?

To send Ethereum

Our Ether address is:



What is Ethereum?

To send Monero

Our Monero address is:



What is Monero?
Secure, private, untracable. 


Thank you for understanding, thank you for your support and thank you for spreading the word.

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