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Crypto donation

We accept crypto donations. If you're not yet familiar with crypto then we're happy to report that buying bitcoin is actually easy when you do it the easy way. Get started with the Coinbase instructions below.

Coinbase; the easy way to buy bitcoin with a debit card or bank transfer

1. Register and verify at - a very popular and trusted bitcoin exchange.
2. On Coinbase: Add debit or credit card, then buy Bitcoin (BTC). The transaction takes only a few minutes. You can also transfer directly from your bank account to a bank owned by Coinbase, which takes longer.
3. Once Bitcoin (BTC) is purchased and available on Coinbase: Go to Accounts, then Send the Bitcoin you wish to donate to G2Voice.
4. Send Bitcoin (BTC) to this address: 1m23H2HHTaERjHjFn26923hsF7AxkXRKB

If you're already familiar with crypto

Bitcoin (BTC)
Innovative payment network. A new kind of money.

Our BTC address is:

Learn about Bitcoin

If you're a bit more advanced

Monero (XMR)
Secure, private, untracable.

Our XMR address is:


Learn about Monero

Thank you for your support!


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