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In this weeks broadcast

Todays episode we will be talking about HIV/AIDS. Where it came from and what protocols to use to restore your health from these Dis-eases. Also we will be showing you how to use the breathing protocol as another way to get Chorine Dioxide into the blood.

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• History of HIV/AIDS by Dr. Leonard Horovitz :
• HIV Patent: He also holds the patent on the HIV tests!
• Film: House of Numbers:  
• Strecker Memorandum:
• The Man-Made Origin of AIDS:Are Human and Viral Experiments Responsible For Unleashing The HIV Holocaust??
• Positively False - Birth of a Heresy - HIV AIDS  
• Excellent site on the controversy:
• Georgia Guidestones:
• Henry Kissinger:
• Bill Gates depopulation agenda using vaccines:
• Ted Turner depopulation ideas:
• Ted Turner’s UN Foundation has Given $1 Billion to UN Projects
Major focus of foundation is population control, condoms, abortion and sterilizations
• The HIV=AIDS Fraud - G Edward Griffin ON HIV AIDS Big Pharma Fraud
• The Massive Fraud Behind HIV Tests:
• Dogs HIV False Positive:
• Confusion among Doctors?
• HIV tests are antibody tests:

Tune in next week were we will be talking about prescription drugs and their Side effects, interactions and contradictions. Also the Mouth Protocol.


33:41 - #1 Jim talks about his experience in Africa on Project Camelot
39:04 - #2 HIV AIDS and a Lump ZED MMS Testimony
40:33 - #3 Health restored from HIV AIDS Ron Protocol 1000 MMS Testimonial


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